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Labor and Social Security

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Our Labor and Social Security Services

Our Labor and Social Security Services

  • Social security and labor legislation advisory
  • Carrying out SSI (Soc. Sec. Inst.) registration of the workplaces
  • Preparing the personnel’s monthly payrolls, and controlling payrolls being prepared company-wide
  • Establishing the organization of the personnel department
  • Providing the company employees training in Labor and social security legislation
  • Preparing the personal files of the employees
  • Calculation of the rights arising from Seniority indemnity, Termination, and Retirement
  • Preparing the legal notices of the employed, resigned personnel
  • Advisory in the Labor and social security examinations
  • Advisory in the Labor and social security lawsuits
  • Carrying out the minimum construction workmanship calculations, and providing advisory in this field
  • Preparing the notices and documents that need to be submitted in accordance with SSI and TEA (Turkish Employment Agency) legislations
  • Benefitting from SSI Personnel Employment incentives, calculation of respective incentives

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